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Cured sliced pork loin

The Inca Trail Jamon Zamorano. Slices of naturally cured pork loin with just the right saltines. 35% of your daily needs in complete proteins in just 30 grams will let you feel packed with energy without unwanted weight gain. Excellent by it’s own and ready to be added to salads, soups or be accompanied with a drink of your choice. Extremely delicious and mouth melting! Available in 30g (1.02oz) resealable packaging in Ecuador.

Cured slices of beef sirloin

The Inca Trail Charqui Zamorano. Exquisite slices of the best quality brangus beef sirloin. Naturally cured with delicate mix of cilantro seeds and spicy black pepper. The universal food to take with you anywhere or enjoy with a glass of good red wine or beer. This rich, delicious and natural flavor will make you addicted to it! Comes in 30g (1.02oz) resealable packaging. Available in Ecuador.