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Founded in 2017, The Inca Trail is a food plant situated in Zamora, Ecuador serving the North and South American market.

We make sugar-free healthy natural snacks, from locally sourced ingredients, including:

  • farm-raised dried shrimp
  • crunchy Andean cheese
  • agroforest cacao nibs
  • guayusa leaf tea mixes

Our business is:

  • GMP and HACCP certified
  • using drying technology with quality control
  • utilizing modern packaging for longer shelf-life without conservants
  • The Inca Trail® is an internationally registered trademark
  • In the United States, we operate as the Inca Trail LLC

As a company:

  • We help local society create value-added products instead of traditional and devastating mining.
  • We directly work with women and indigenous groups.
  • We run a charity to help with home violence and children’s health issues.

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Product images (click to download full-sized):

Crunchy shrimp snack Dried shrimp powder Cacao nibs Flavored ground coffee Meat snacks

Other company and marketing images (click to download full-sized):

Zamora, Ecuador Background with products Owner with indigenous farmer Products on background Crunchy snacks packshot Crunchy dried cheese All-round products shot


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theincatrailfoods

Feel free to communicate directly with our management using email: evgeny@incatrailfoods.com

You are also welcome for any inquiries by using Facebook messenger or WhatsApp number +593982873007