We are the international manufacturer based in the amazon basin of Ecuador. Situated in the one of the cleanest regions of Earth we are dedicated to offer excellent quality products from Ecuador to everyone in the world. Modern superfoods is our passion and we are making it with best practices in mind.


In the preparation of our products we use only natural Ecuadorian ingredients.
We carefully control every step of production to keep the nutritional benefits and the natural taste of ingredients.
Our products are ready to consume right from a package, have long shelf life and naturally delicious!
Making business

with us

We work with experts and reputable distributors to offer our products in places and situations where quality, nutritious, comfortable and ready to consume foods are needed.
Our business practices are open, flexible and scalable. We know how to make best products and how to adapt them to the client needs.
We can manage small and large scale contracts on the national and international levels by always being transparent, realistic and truthful.
We know how to make superfoods. From meats. Fish. Fruits and vegetables. Herbs. Nuts. Cereals. Need us to try something new? Contact us!