Grown with care

We work with local organic farms we personally visit and know the owners

Natural ingredients

All our ingredients from shrimp to cheese and chillis belong to one of the most clean and green regions of the planet

Minimally processed

Our advanced processing technology, quality control, and packaging allow us to make foods without preservatives and unwanted additives
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family-owned business situated in Zamora, Ecuador

Right on the famous Inca Trail that was and still is an important commercial artery uniting the South American continent.
We work with different minority groups to create value-added products that benefit the social and economic environment.
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Pioneers in Ecuadorian dried shrimp

We work with farmers of neighboring El Oro province to create unique value-added freshwater shrimp products that are 100% natural and doesn’t contain any added conservants or colorants.
We are building the leading brand in this category of gourmet seafood snacks.

Our shrimp products

Shrimp powders

Inca Trail Foods natural A+ ground shrimp powder is made using freshly caught shrimp and mixed with flavorful spices. We only use 100% Ecuadorian ingredients in the preparation of our products!

Original dried shrimp

Dehydrated, dried, peeled, and deveined freshwater shrimp from the Amazon basin. To make this exquisite snack we use 100% Ecuadorian natural food ingredients and spices.

Crunchy cheese snacks

Variety of one-day fresh Andean cheese converted into crunchy delight. We have creamy, broccoli, cocoa, chili, oregano, and even sacha inchi natural and unique high-altitude cheese snacks.

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Zamora's coffee

The finest natural freshly toasted and 100% Arabica ground coffee. Full bodied and fragrant, each cup is a true delight leaving you wanting more

Guayusa tea mixes

Carefully crafted with a delicious and warming blend of guayusa leaves, fruits and herbs. Each sip of our guayusa tea has a smooth, soothing taste that warms the body and assists with immune support

Cacao nibs

Our Cacao nibs are grown, fermented & harvested in the Ecuadorian town of Zamora by the local indigenous population. Without the use of middle men we ensure clean, great tasting nibs of the highest quality