Expanding The Inca Trail footprint in the USA


The Inca Trail, an Innovative Ecuadorian Food Venture, expand its footprint in the USA

The Inca Trail has come out with premium quality Ecuadorian snacks and natural products that not only look delicious but taste as good as they look.

Zamora, Ecuador – The Inca Trail, a promising Ecuadorian Food Company, announces the launch of its brand in the US market. The Inca Trail promises to delight the food connoisseurs in the US with its bouquet of innovative food items. The company uses premium quality ingredients that are sourced from the rainforests of South America. With the foray of The Inca Trail in the US, foodies in the country can look forward to spicing up their menu with some new varieties of delicious snacks.

Speaking on the occasion, Evgeny Roginskiy, Owner of The Inca Trail, added, “We are excited to introduce The Inca Trail’s premium quality Ecuadorian snacks and natural products to the mainstream US market. Made with high-quality ingredients and our signature recipes, we’re bringing a fresh Ecuadorian flavor to snacks in the local markets. The US presents a tremendous market opportunity for us. We are eager to serve a wide variety of our best tasting snacks to food lovers in the US.”

the inca trail dried cheese and shrimp snacks

The Inca Trail takes pride in its flagship product Dried Crunchy Shrimp Snack which is earning rave reviews from snack lovers. This is a new unique product for immediate consumption or for cooking (adding to soups, salads, sauces, etc.). It is a protein-rich seafood snack and is low on calories.

With its new-generation indigenous snacks, The Inca Trail seeks to fulfill the growing consumer demand for innovative, nutritious, and scrumptious food items. The company uses the finest & freshest ingredients in all its products. These include farm-raised dried shrimp, crunchy Andean cheese, agroforest cacao nibs, guayusa leaf tea mixes, etc.

“The Inca Trail brings the delectable flavors only found in authentic ingredients used in making our snacks,” explains Evgeny. “With The Inca Trail, users will get to enjoy snacks with a rich taste that never disappoints. Pick up any of our sugar-free healthy snacks and we promise you’ll enjoy every bit of it.”

The Inca Trail is a GMP and HACCP Certified business. The company uses modern and state-of-the-art drying and packaging technology to ensure a longer shelf-life.

Despite its humble beginnings, The Inca Trail has evolved into one of the leading food brands in Ecuador and is now set to win the hearts of consumers in the US. The company is dedicated to providing a unique experience to its customers by continuously offering new flavors based on its research and user feedback.

To promote the brand in the US, Evgeny will be traveling through Miami, LA, and NY and working with distributors and supermarket chains to bring the products to a wider audience. He will be available for any business meetings and offers during the trip through the US in August 2022.

About The Inca Trail

The Inca Trail was founded in 2019 by Evgeny Roginskiy.

Located in Zamora, Ecuador, the company’s philosophy about the natural snacks sourced from local ingredients is to preserve the best flavors from the Amazonian rainforest region for the most demanding tastes. Using famous Ecuadorian shrimp or unique Andean cheese and different drying methods, the company’s inspiration and focus are making Zamora a region of origin for signature gourmet food products. Future plans include closer cooperation with local communities with the purpose of farming endemic spices and herbs to include in new products and flavors.


Media Contact

Company Name: The Inca Trail

Contact Person: Evgeny Roginskiy

Email: evgeny@incatrailfoods.com

Phone: +593982873007

Country: USA

Website: https://incatrailfoods.com/



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