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Zamora’s coffee

The Inca Trail flavored coffee is 100% arabica. This remarkable coffee is grown in Palanda region of Zamora-Chinchipe province of Ecuador. This is grounded and medium roast high-altitude coffee. We add different flavors like coco, vanilla, and mint to add a special touch to it.

Zamora’s guayusa tea

The Inca Trail guayusa leaf tea mix is a traditional caffeinated energy drink with beneficial herbs and spices. Originated from the Amazonian region guayusa has more natural caffeine than tea or coffee without disturbing effects. Blended with spices and even moringa it brings a really distinct flavor and energy to your palate. Best to brew in a kettle.

Zamora’s cocoa nibs

The Inca Trail Zamora's cocoa nibs are a natural snack and pantry staple. Made from the most renowned cocoa Fino de aroma raised in the natural agroforests of the Amazonian region. We work only with an indigenous community to ensure the most natural form of growth and help local society commercialize their produce. These fermented nibs are a true delight and go well with any diet you follow.