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Crunchy shell-on dried shrimps

The Inca Trail crunchy dried shrimp is a no-guilt delight. Our most popular snack comes in a variety of flavors: salty, garlic, spicy, tomato, and oriental. In every 28g (1oz) package you will find around 30 ready to enjoy crunchy shrimps. We also sell this product in bigger 85g resealable packaging. No preservatives, no added sugar.

Shrimp powder seasoning

The Inca Trail shrimp powders. Made from organically raised shrimp from the south of Ecuador our powders are no match. Comes in a variety of flavors from classic salty to extremely hot scorpion chili. Those powders are used in home pantries and restaurants to add instant umami flavor to salads, soups, pasta, pizza, and other dishes. Packaged in resealable aluminum bags that allow long-term storage of up to 730 days.

Dried peeled shrimps

The Inca Trail delicious and exclusive Ecuadorian dried shrimp. Raised by the most experienced and professional farmers and dried by the specialists of The Inca Trail. This is the true organic shrimp flavor that you can enjoy and share any time and anywhere. Excellent pairing option with dry wines, cheeses, and nuts. Packaged in a 45gr (1.6oz) resealable pouch. Natural, garlic, spicy, and limited-edition flavors are available.