Jamón Zamorano – cured and dried pork leg



Commercial name: Jamón Zamorano – carne de cerdo curada

Pork leg meat cured and dried. Natural healthy snack type product, superfood. Cured slices of premium meat, ready to consume, high in protein, minerals and useful microelements. High in Zn, Mg, Fe, B12 and complete protein.

Long-term drying of premium pork cuts with industrial machines. Subsequent fermentation in controlled climatic conditions. The meat was never frozen during the whole process of preparation and packaging.

jamon zamorano materia prima cerdo

* premises of ITALIMENTOS CIA. LTDA. – principal provider of our premium pork cuts (Topigs Norsvin breed)

% Daily Value in a 30g portion:

Zinc (mg/30g) 12mg 80%
Iron (mg/30g)  5,8mg 32%
Magnesium (mg/30g)  163,3mg 41%
Vitamin B12 (μg/30g) 0,921mg 15%
Protein (g/30g) 18g 36%


Does not contain detectable traces of antibiotics

FDA standards Nutrient Content Claims: “Sugar Free”, “Rich In Protein”, “Rich In Zinc”, “Rich In Iron”, “Rich In Magnesium “, ” Good Source Of B12″

Individual bag flex-up, zipper, easy-open, pendant hole euro type. High barrier to light, gases and humidity. It contains oxygen absorber to avoid unwanted changes inside the packaging during the product’s useful life.

WVTR (Water vapor transmission) <1 g / (m2 * 24hr * atm)

OTR (Oxygen transmission) <1 cc / (m2 * 24hr * atm)


Absence of coliforms, pathogenic microorganisms and the mesophilic aerobic count should not be higher than 2.0 x 104 CFU / g. Results of constant laboratory tests of Jamón Zamorano:

Mesophilic Aerobic Count (cfu / g) 3.0 x 102

Escherichia coli count (cfu / g) <10

Staphylococcus aureus count (cfu / g) <10

Detection of Salmonella spp Not detected


Individual bag 10×19.5cm with printing and protective lamination

Net Weight 30g Gross Weight 37g

Suggested price in Ecuador (P.V.P) $ 3.60

Bar code GTIN-13 7868000924404

Handling pack 26x44cm with handle

Contains 30 individual bags of 30g

Gross Weight 1257g

Bar code GTIN-14 17868000924401

Distribution box 40x43x45cm

Contains 10 handling packages / 300 individual bags

Gross Weight 13.60kg

Barcode GTIN-128 27868000924408


It does not need refrigeration. It’s recommended to keep product in a sealed state and in a cool and dry place.

Product expiry date from the moment of production: 2 years
Jamón Zamorano – carne de cerdo curada

Updated 05/20/2019

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