The Inca Trail will be participating at the 10th MACRORRUEDA, EC

Zamora, Ecuador –  (21 June 2022) The Inca Trail will be participating at the 10ma Edicion MACRORRUEDA ECUADOR, June 29-30, located at the hotel HILTON COLON, Guayaquil, Ecuador. The Inca Trail will showcase its new crunchy shrimp snacks, shrimp powders, and Andean cheese products.

“We expect to showcase our innovative delicious Ecuadorian snacks and natural products. The mission of this event is to present unique value-added foods made from quality ingredients from the green rainforest area of South America. I represent the area with a great potential where we sum up the quality of ingredients, diverse community of farmers, and modern technology for processing and packaging,” said Evgeny Roginskiy, the managing owner of The Inca Trail. “Can’t wait to present our products and share the vision from Zamora, Ecuador and listen to comments from the best of the best in the industry.”

About The Inca Trail

The Inca Trail was founded in 2019 by Evgeny Roginskiy.

Located in Zamora, Ecuador, the company’s philosophy about the natural snacks sourced from local ingredients is to preserve the best flavors from the Amazonian rainforest region for the most demanding tastes. Using famous Ecuadorian shrimp or unique Andean cheese and different drying methods, the company’s inspiration and focus are making Zamora a region of origin for signature gourmet food products. Future plans include closer cooperation with local communities with the purpose of farming endemic spices and herbs to include in new products and flavors.


EVGENY ROGINSKIY, managing owner, +593982873007,


More information about the event on PROECUADOR web page:

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